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Esaote veterinary ultrasound
Esaote MyLab

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The new MyLab™X75 Vet ultrasound system is powered by the latest Esaote technology.

The MyLab™X75 Vet delivers impressive performance with a diverse portfolio of available probes with a broad frequency range, advanced processing techniques which include directional Power Doppler, and the latest technology for micro-vascularization mapping and microV. This robust system is also equipped with an operating battery.
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Portable companion animal ultrasound


Console ultrasound for small animal

Designed with unique ergonomics, the MyLab™X5 brings you total user comfort and usability that is tailored to every clinical need thanks to its swift responsiveness and its simple user interface.


MyLabOmegaMyLabOmega ultrasound

MyLab™Omega is Esaote’s high-end portable ultrasound system with innovative and ergonomic design, including Dual probe connectors, an HD touch screen that simplifies the user interface, and a large 15.6” monitor.  


MyLabSigmaMyLabSigma portable ultrasound

MyLab™Sigma is a dynamic portable ultrasound system that enables you to take ultrasound anywhere and anytime for a quick and complete diagnosis. It’s a smart, portable, multidisciplinary ultrasound system at an affordable price point.


WSYS connectivity on machines from major manufacturers worldwide.


National distributors to choose from.


Hospitals using WSYS technology for live case assistance.

Esaote North America is an Italian medical device manufacturer that has a robust dedicated Veterinary portfolio of products designed to meet the unique demands of veterinary practice.

Esaote draws upon almost 40 years of experience in providing scalable, fully featured diagnostic imaging solutions without compromising superior image quality.