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Veterinary ultrasound training
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Internal Medicine
RACE-approved ultrasound CE

I am happy to receive real-time scanning assistance and the [technology] works great. They make it easy to schedule, the sonographer reports are great and I have not only learned a ton, I have been able to provide superior-quality medical and diagnostic care for my patients while keeping costs down for them by not having to refer them out for every ultrasound like I used to have to do. I am very happy to be working with them and will continue to do so.

Dr. Chana Eisenstein, DVM

RACE-approved ultrasound CE

"Over the course of several months, I made a point to schedule one to two times weekly and work with [We See You Solutions] on, mainly, practicing technique. Over time, I moved past just being able to identify structures and was able to recognize pathology in the liver, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder, intestinal tract, and pancreas. I have become proficient at identifying adrenal glands and measuring to look for pathology.  At this point, I feel comfortable doing a full abdominal scan on my own and I do still ... consult in on more difficult cases."

Dr. Elizabeth Hochreiter, DVM

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“Waiting on testimonials from the field.”

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“The Mastertheme team provides excellent support, listens to their users and continually works to improve their product”

John Doe, Ideaa Strategy

“The Mastertheme team provides excellent support, listens to their users and continually works to improve their product”

John Doe, Ideaa Strategy

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Real-Time Professional Guidance

Our team of veterinary and medical sonographers is ready to assist.

Learn on your own ultrasound

Works On Any System

You don't need to buy a special ultrasound machine to get remote assistance.

Train your hospital staff to scan bladders

Abdominal Through Cardiac

Whether you're a beginner or ready to dive into cardiac scanning, we have the trainers you need.

Train your technicians to scan

We Train Technicians, Too!

Our sonographers perform abdominal exams with technicians daily.

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Never travel for training again.

Learn how to use ultrasound at home

No empty costs

Food, travel, lodging? Costs and risk you don't need.

Learn how to use ultrasound at home

No time away

Leaving the practice is hard enough. Save those vacation days for yourself.

Learn how to use ultrasound at home

No crash courses

Just professional, ongoing guidance to give you confidence in your skills.

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Tradeshow ultrasound courses

There's a smarter way to learn.

We See You Solutions provides an expert when you need one most: When your patient is on the table.


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“Stop outsourcing”

John Doe, Ideaa Strategy

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“Training sessions that pay”

John Doe, ZooTV

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always get the images you need

John Doe, Codelab

Remote Assistance.

Better than the best seminar.

Learn how to perform an abdominal exam on cats

No more referrals. With WSYS, start retaining cases within the clinic immediately.


Training sessions that pay. With the help of our sonographers, most doctors new to ultrasound start charging for scans within a few weeks.


Always get the images you need. WSYS helps you capture optimal images for building solid diagnostic cases, even if you're a beginner.

Get hands-on experience with:

Technique and Structures

Abdominal and cardiac structures

Normal/abnormal tissue characteristics

Variations in normal anatomy

Anatomic landmarks

Case Building

Image and video capture

Freehand and ultrasound-guided biopsy

Labeling and measurements

Processes and order

System Operation


Settings and controls


Probe selection and capability

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